Ribbon Cutting at FBI center in Pocatello

Members of the FBI and local headquarters cut ribbon to officially open the data center in Pocatello, Idaho.

POCATELLO – Pocatello has been home to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since the 1980s. Bingham County is also excited for this updated facility, because of the job opportunities that will become available. A few years ago there were talks of closing the campus and relocating the operations to Utah. However, the main office in Washington D.C. decided to keep operations in Pocatello and put more funding into making it more top of the line. This came in the form of the new data center. They broke ground in 2017 and with a few hiccups in contracting and building, it is finally up and running. Monday was the official ribbon cutting for the data center. Most in attendance were workers in the office, but also in attendance was FBI, Executive Assistant Director of Information Technology, Richard L. Haley, II: FBI Associate Deputy Director, Paul Abbate: Department of Justice Chief Information Officer, Joseph F. Klimavicz: FBI Associate Executive Assistant Director, Finance and Facilities, Jeffrey Sallet: and Jim Johnston from Pocatello City Council. 

The top of the line data center has been in the works for numerous years. There were over 110 data centers ranging from the Department of Justice and FBI. It has been significantly reduced and within the next year or two, Pocatello's data center will be one of three which will incorporate data from the DOJ, FBI, US Marshalls, DEA, Bureau of Prisons, treasury and numerous more. This consolidation of data will help reduce funds, from leased buildings, and by owning the three data centers will help save the taxpayers money. According to Jeffery Sallet, "The four pillars of partnership, innovation, brand and process, with which the data center represents it all." The facility will help governmental agencies do their jobs better without an interruption to service. Sallet continued, "The FBI must adapt to stay ahead of the threat through leadership, agility, and integration. Crimes of the future will be perpetrated in the cybersphere more than anywhere else. We must improve, adapt, and create capabilities to translate data into actionable information." Through this conglomeration the FBI is taking a twenty-first century tool to challenge the twenty-first century troubles. The more resilient a government agency can be and will partnership with other agencies, the safer the American public will be. 

At the press conference after the ribbon cutting, Paul Abbate went into a little more detail about the new center and its abilities. "Pocatello was an ideal location because there was a base here already. We love the community and the citizens."  The data center was created in a way to share information back and forth between the other centers in Clarksburg, West Virginia, and Sterling, Virginia. The resiliency will allow a continuous flow of information in case one facility goes down. It was built in a way to backup the others and keep the information available to each agency. "This facility is created with the ability to collect, store, and analyze data with the capacity to do so. Our main mission is to protect this country and its citizens." The facility is now up and running, but over the next two to five years there will be an increase of hiring to help fill the facility. 

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