Toilet paper alternatives causing major clogging

There have been a lot of people who are using alternatives to toilet paper. It is important to not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. 

BLACKFOOT– In the wake of the toilet paper madness, there have been some real concerns being raised by plumbers and sewer workers in the area. There are a lot of people who are looking for alternatives to use besides toilet paper, and in the wake of using alternatives there can arise major plumbing issues.

The drain system in ones home works entirely by gravity, allowing wastewater to flow downhill through large diameter pipes. They are connected to a vent pipe system which brings in fresh air to the system, to stop suction. All wastewater flows to the main waste and vent stack (these vents are usually found in one or more roof vents). This main stack curves to become a sewer line that exits the house near the foundation. In the municipal (town, city, or governing area) this sewer line is usually referred to as a property service connection, or just connection. The sewer line running from the house, runs to a collector sewer line in the street or the rear of the home.

Obstructions in the lines can result in a some major problems: sounds of gurgling, toilet water bubbling, water bubbling from faucets, can point to an issue related to the pipes. Debris from foreign objects can cause blockages and water can back up into the house and even destroy some of the pipe system. 

With people looking for alternatives to toilet paper, there have been some alternatives that are great in the long run, but are terrible for the pipes. One alternative that has been seen is the use of paper towels. Paper towels do not break down as toilet paper does in a sewer system. They tend to sink or get caught on things in the pipes, causing major clogs. Sewer workers have found that most clogs are due to paper towels and baby wipes, "even if the package says flushable, we haven't seen any wipes that dissolve…and most of our drain cleaning, we pull out baby wipes all the time!" 

In this stressful time, it is important to keep on top of proper sanitation procedures. Throw away the paper towels (if one is using them to wipe) and other sundries in the trash. Only flush toilet paper down the toilets. 

If one needs a natural remedy for clearing pipes in the shower or sink…boiling water. A lot of times grease and soap can slow drains. Boiling water can help break up the clog, add a little vinegar to help clear it. If there is some major clogs, there are septic services in Blackfoot to help clear the issues. 

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