Fraud warning

Legal documents have possible fraud troubles due to the date. 

BLACKFOOT–At the turn of the century, the public is being told of a new issues that could possibly arise during the year. There has always been hints about fraud when it comes to signing receipts, checks, and even legal paperwork. When signing legal documents there is always a small fear in many peoples' mind that they would have to resign, or something will be wrong and the fault would lie with them. However, one doesn't think much about how a date will impact a legal document when one signs the year.

Police departments are warning individuals who are signing legal documents, or even signing anything, to get into the habit of signing out the day in full: January (or 01) 07, 2020. Not just a single 20 signifying the year. If someone were to change the date in the document to something of the previous decade, for example 2019, 2018 and so forth, the document would either be considered void, or the party in question would have to verify actions. 

Other auditors and police officers have warned the public about making sure when doing a numerical writing of the date, one should always have a zero before the single digits, months ranging from January to September and the first nine days of the month. This will help prevent fraudsters from causing undue harm and issues, as well as keeping the public from becoming a victim. 

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