Girl Scouts

Girl scouts participate in the parade and support the young girls in their groups.

When it comes to girl scouts, a majority of people instantly think of delicious thin mints, samoas, and tagalongs. Despite that these cookies are a sweet tasting staple to the name, Girl Scouts of America provide much more than cookies.

Young girls in the program are given the opportunity to learn important skills within the program. These are done through specific areas covering STEM, outdoors, life skills, and even entrepreneurship, according to the girl scouts' website. Not only does the girl scout program help teach young girls these useful skills, but it also helps them learn to have a stronger sense of themselves, identify and solve problems, and even maintain positive and healthy relationships with their friends and families.

Chacee Harmon, a cadette in the girl scouts has been in the girl scouts for about five years. When asking what she loves most about the girl scouts she said, "Having something to do after school and making friends." 

Chacee Harmon

Chacee Harmon loves the camp that allows her to ride and be around horses.

Harmon said that they learn a lot at girl scouts such as camping, dealing with money, and business. Chacee's mom, Angeleena Pitchford said, "The girl scouts are more career oriented and the more they learn at this age, the more they get to learn what they want to do and be in their future." When it comes to camp, Chacee said she loves it. "We get to learn a lot about dangerous plants and berries," Harmon said. "We also get to choose what kind of camp we go to, and my favorite part of camp is the horses" These camps can cover water-based camps, horseback riding camps, and various others.

Michael Curtis

Michael Curtis is the leader of unit 584 and has been involved for many years.

Michael Curtis, leader of the 584 unit he has been involved in the girl scout program for about seven years. He started out as a volunteer and made his way to where he is today. He started working with his troop when they were daisies (K-1) and has stuck with them as they progressed into cadettes. He said that the thing he loves the most when it comes to the girl scouts is seeing someone who was once shy become confident. When it comes to how the girl scouts have progressed Curtis said, "The girl scouts have come far from what it used to be." He described that they offer activities to teach about science, robotics, and VR training through the STEM program. "I just love it!" Curtis said as he talked about all that the girl scouts teach.

Through efforts the Girl Scouts of America program provides, these girl scouts utilize the skills they are taught throughout their lives. 

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