Tylee and JJ's grandparents offer reward

A 20,000 dollar reward has been issued by Larry an Kay Woodcock who are JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan's grandparents.

REXBURG– Larry and Kay Woodcock, are the grandparents of Joshua (JJ) Vallow and Tylee Ryan who have been deemed missing since a welfare check was attempted on November 26, 2019. At the behest of the Woodcocks a press conference was held at the Rexburg Standard Journal at 11:30 A.M. The FBI were not involved in this press conference, and the Woodcocks led the call for information about their grandchildren. There is a $20,000 reward for information directly leading to the recovery of JJ and Tylee. They have also set up a website for tips, https://findjjandtylee.com/, as well as a phone number of the Rexburg Police Department 208-359-3000, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 1-800-842-5678.

This press conference comes after a search warrant was served on the Daybell residence in Salem. It has taken a while to get the search warrant due to the need of probable cause. Fremont County Sheriff's office, The Rexburg Police Department, and the FBI started searching the property on Friday, January 3. The search was on the house as well as shed and barn on the property. According to Daybell's blog, the house sits on four acres of pasture and has a pond. During the search there were 43 items removed from the residence including: computers, cell phones, journals, documents and medications, which have all been sent to forensic experts for examination. After the evidence was gathered, the home was given back to two of Chad Daybell's sons. 

There has been a lot of rumors and theories spread throughout the online media. Here are some of the most recent developments which have been corroborated by other news sources. Rick Alan Ross, an international cult expert, has weighed in on the entire case. His concerns lie with the way that Lori Vallow's previous husbands have passed, the children who are missing, and her brother who has died as well. The focus of many of Chad Daybell's books he's written have been focused on the end of the world. This is where it has been rumored that Vallow became enamored with Daybell. Vallow's family believes that it was Daybell who changed the way Vallow was looking at the world.

One theory, that seems to hold water, is during his time teaching at Preparing a People. Daybell got into Another Voice of Warning (or AVOW), which has cult-like tendencies with their enamoring of the end of the world. His views became more erratic and Daybell stopped teaching at the lectures of Preparing a People. Daybell canceled his appearance on May 31 and Preparing a People stopped associating with him.

There are members of AVOW, or friends of friends of members who have corroborated that Daybell had numerous dreams; which revolve around trains and how the previous prophets of the LDS church are teaching the masses, he believed he was one of the "chosen few" whose writings will be seen as canon and a way of warning for the saints who have stayed with the church

In the author introduction for THE GREAT GATHERING (which was found on the AVOW literature website) it states "paints a vivid picture of exciting prophesied events that still must occur before the second coming. If you have an interest in what awaits the members of the LDS church this series should be on your reading list. 

In a review (on the AVOW website) it reveals a picture of some of the offhand "visions" Chad Daybell has had about the future of the church. The three couples, who the novel revolves around, are devote members of the church. They are committed to the church but find their faith waivers when the government insists that every person has a "chip implanted in their hand to eliminate identity theft and depositing of government funds, elimination of credit cards, and huge savings in the cost of manufacturing coins and bank notes, the Prophet warns against participating in the program," review by Jennie Hansen. There is even an enticing bonus to participants. The letters read in sacrament meeting again tell the church members to not get the chip and as such many members of the church fall away.

This future comes from a vision Chad Daybell received over the course of a few years. He writes about this vision in his blog on September 16, 2015. David had driven past the Manti Temple, "Then it was like I was suddenly in a different time. I saw thousands of tents in those fields. They were clearly organized into blocks and wide pathways passed between them." Chad Daybell continued, "I saw hundreds of people outside the tents. Some were performing chores, while others were walking toward the temple. They seemed calm and happy." He also saw tanks driving into Spanish Fork Canyon, invasions of parts of the United States, and camps near Soldier Summit being protected by divine reasons. Another vision he had was, "near Geneva Steel, the scene changed, similar to what had happened near Manti. I suddenly had an unobstructed view all the way to Utah Lake. Geneva Steel's smokestacks and large buildings were gone, and it looked like there were new subdivisions being built on the land. I was told by the spirit that this transformation would happen before the major natural disasters hit Utah County." 

There were efforts to have Chad Daybell's book "Chasing Paradise" made into a movie. Valentina Yingling and Devin K. Hansen have been working on bringing the movie to life. Chad had used a stock photo, from a photoshoot Yingling had done previously, as the cover of his book. They had a meeting in May of 2019 to discuss turning his book into a movie with Yingling as the main character. She felt a connection to the main character in the novel and enjoyed the idea.  They had kept touch with Daybell over a few months, but got their last response on September 23, 2019, which was the last time JJ was last heard from. The movie has been called off and Hansen and Yingling are moving onto new projects. 

Even though his visions did not interfere with his relationship with his wife Tammy, his views are as out there as Lori Vallow's. Their strange views of the end of the world do not hamper the truths that are out there: JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan are missing and it is presumed that they are in extreme danger, the grandparents called out to their grandchildren to get in touch with them or to have the public send evidence to help their grandchildren be found. Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell are not cooperating in the efforts to find their children. 

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