BLACKFOOT–Thursday's hearing for the City of Blackfoot versus Groveland Water and Sewer District was held with the proceedings heard by Judge Simpson. The lawsuit was brought to the forefront in the spring when new sewer hook-ups outside the city limits were asked to sign a consent annexation to be allowed to use Blackfoot's sewer service. City attorney Garrett Sandow argued that the annexation agreement has been on the books since 2003 and can in fact request annexation as a condition of new sewer and water hook-ups. Groveland Water and Sewer District disagrees with the city and requested a form of mediation.

The mediation was held in the end of August with both sides trying to create a consensual agreement that would benefit both sides. The main reason for dropping the mediation was that the agreements and contracts were not on the same page. Legal documentation and consent on the annexations was not communicated well and it was decided the mediation was a wash. Both sides brought their issues in front of a Bingham County Judge. 

City of Blackfoot called for a dismissal of the case due to issues with the entire case in general. Groveland fought back against the issuing of a dismissal by stating cases that they deemed pertinent to their argument. Both sides argued eloquently and brought up their viewpoints to help the future of the citizens of Bingham County. The different ways to annex the area were also brought up. Even though each type of annexation has positive aspects, not only saving money on services, there are issues on how the annexation can occur. Taxation rates were also an issue for annexation of properties. Each side was given time to voice their concerns. The final ruling will be made by Judge Simpson and will be submitted to both sides in written form. 

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