Sugar rush incoming

Halloween candy comes in a variety of sweet tastes. Take a look at the top favorites!

BLACKFOOT– Some of the best memories of Halloween as a child are of the candy haul, dumping the contents on the floor to get a better look at what treasures one received, bartering candy with siblings or parents, and the inevitable sugar high. Halloween memories change for many people as one grows up, but the fun with candy still remains in one's memory.

There is usually a dedicated favorite for each state and area. has taken sales data over the years 2007 to 2015 to determine what some of the favorite candies are for the year. Idaho has rotated between Butterfinger candies and Candy Corn (89,311 pounds annually) as the top favorites in the candy world. Second on the list is Starbursts purchasing 54,363 annually (since the weather is getting colder, roasting Starbursts comes back), and third on the list is Reese's Peanut Butter Cup selling 34,947 pounds annually. Even though many people debate on their favorite candies, the statistics don't lie.

Walmart in Blackfoot has an entire row of candy offerings for the trick or treaters and trunk or treaters. Their statistics are eye opening. Walmart has a halloween candy buyer for the stores nationally. The buyer has the chance to taste new offerings for the year. The pecan pie and candy corn M&Ms were something that he had a chance to taste off the line. Even if the local Walmart doesn't have the type of candy one is looking for there are numerous places in town that have delicious options for parties as well as treaters. One of the workers at the Blackfoot Walmart says candy has been selling at a brisk pace and chocolate tends to be the overall favorite. 

The Candy Jar has amazing options for Halloween parties. The different flavor of fudges and the local goodies make it a unique option for the holidays. Check out the options available! There are some other unique options including cupcakes and goodies from Ridley's and Kesler's.

The favorite Halloween candy of all this year, nationally, is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! They have gone back and forth each year being number one on the most popular list, or number three. After Reese's is Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat, and M&Ms. Nationally Candy Corn ranks number one on the worst list. People tend to absolutely love or hate Candy Corn. Americans will spend up to 2.1 billion dollars on Halloween candy. Stay sweet and enjoy the Halloween events in town.

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