Heavy snow blankets Idaho

Courtesy photo Idaho Power

Snow flurries are a welcome sight for snow enthusiasts and hot-chocolate drinkers alike, but they can also bring power-related hazards we want our customers to prepare for:
  • Heavy snow can cause outages. Though the average Idaho Power customer is without power for fewer than two hours a year, we suggest all customers have a home emergency kit prepared in case of weather-related outages, and be familiar with our outage map.
  • Heavy snow can weigh down power lines, causing them to droop or fall. If you encounter a fallen power line, stay as far from it as you can — at least 100 feet — as it may still be energized. Immediately call 911 or Idaho Power at 208-388-2323 in the Treasure Valley or 1-800-488-6151.
  • Icy roads and distracted driving result in hundreds of car/power pole accidents per year.

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