Soul to Sole tent at the EISF

The Soul to Sole booth at the fair is full of interesting people and healers. Come check them out today!

BLACKFOOT- This year the Eastern Idaho State Fair is offering holistic healing vendors at the Soul to Sole tent on the Northern side of the fairgrounds. The world is full of ailments that are being treated by things that are not healthy to the body. Holistic healing is a form of healing that considers the who body, mind, spirit, emotions, and past of the individual. Holistic healing’s primary goal is helping the individual find the proper balance in life.

The Soul to Sole tent takes care of the soul to the soles of the feet. Sabrina Willie is the owner of Soul to Sole and has created a community in southeast Idaho for Holistic Healing practitioners. She graduated in March with a degree in Integrated Healing Arts and started Soul to Sole in August 2018. Willie felt it would be perfect to have a booth and connect with others and by doing so show the community what she does.

Willie does toe readings, yes it is exactly how it sounds. The toes on ones feet holds a record of the stories of ones life. Just like a palm reader can look at ones life and interpret their life. A toe reader looks at the formations of the toes and how the nails are shaped, lines of the toes, size shape, all have a special connection to the body. The person getting read sits in the comfy chair and places their feet on the mat. Willie sits in front of them and reads the toes. The left foot is the spiritual part of the body, the right is the physical. The reading is quite unique and not something one gets a chance to do every day. One tends to feel better after the reading.

Another healer in the booth was Terri Bergen. She does sound healing and energy scans. She has been studying for two years and has graduated as a level two sound healer. Her business is Sacred Sounds and her office is in Burley. The energy scans take a look at the client through their fingers and lets them know what is going on with their innards and life. 

The energy scan uses a Gas Discharge Visualization camera to look a person’s energy field. It scans a person’s fingers and measures their energy. The analysis looks at the organs that need attention, assesses the follow up responses to influences in life, psycho emotion state and their level of stress, and it also easily measures the response of the body to different medications, supplements and food.  Bergen’s scan offers an in-depth analysis of what that individual needs. It is singular to the individual.

Another vendor in the tent was Tammy Joy Lane. She was in the army and was concerned at how they do not teach their troops about how to come home. Depression and suicide is a common part of life for many of the troops coming home. In 2004 Lane created to eradicate suicide through kindness. Lane recently finished a book tour of New York and Connecticut and did a TedX Talk in Idaho Falls, ‘Putting the Pre in Appreciation’. Lane has taken part in some of the fun at the fair and won the Idaho State Fair Arm Wrestling competition. One can purchase her book at the booth and meet Lane. She trying to spread kindness through words, deeds, and actions. Her inspirational book and cards are helpful to all.

The Soul to Sole tent has a few different vendors every day. It is a unique tent that people should stop by and see what it is about. They will have things like a Reiki practitioner, dream interpretation, psychic medium, aura drawing, and A Little Bit of Heaven who makes elixirs and sprays. Check out their healing tent.


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