3D models of bedrooms (final project)

This is an example of one of the 3D models created in Lewis' class.

BLACKFOOT– Blackfoot High School is home to some very popular classes. One of these classes, in its first year is Interior Design and Fashion Design. Camber Lewis is the teacher of these unique classes and has had over 180 students sign up. "When we found out we could do the class, I was afraid there wouldn't be any interest. I'm glad that isn't so. If there is enough interest for next year they would like me to do an Interior Design B class."

This year's class they are taught things like shape, space form, color and traffic patterns. It is an integrative process. Instead of students learning the words to recite back to the teacher, students there learn the proper terms and then put them into practice. It is a hands on class and students are given the opportunity to be more creative.

Their final project of the semester is creating a 3D bedroom. Some students have used foam board or wood. Everything in the model must be to scale. The flow, form and function of the room is described through the process. It gives the students a chance to take what they learned over the semester and put it into a real-life situation.

The fashion design class is an advanced class after students take Teen Living. They learn to sew in the lower level class and in fashion design they are going to be working on sketches of the fashion piece. They are also working on a period piece where the students are given a chance to research the era and then create clothing based on that research. This year the 4-H students will be judging the fashion pieces and the winners will be acknowledged at the 4-H fair.

If a B section is going to be created, their final project will be creating a hotel. It will look at flooring, flow, the rooms, and other accouterments. The advanced class will take curriculum from the first section and expand by learning what it takes to design the interiors of larger projects. 

These classes are a little more advanced for freshman students, but there are a few that have succeeded in the class. More upperclassmen have been taking the class. In the future Lewis is hoping to do a joint endeavor with the floral design class and create a wedding reception with the classes. Fashion design would create the dresses, interior design would create the place settings and flow of the overall reception, and floral design would create the centerpieces and floral arrangements. It is an interesting idea and one hopes it will come to fruition. 

Near the end of the year, students are asked to pick their next year's classes. They are given advice from their advisors and can choose electives. Lewis hopes that with more students signing up for her design classes, there will be the opportunity to expand. 

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