Pig rescued

Johnson was rescued from being slaughtered. 

BLACKFOOT―There are some amazing opportunities around Idaho and one especially in Blackfoot. The Funny Farm Animal Sanctuary has been working on getting its non-profit status up and running. They have already made an impact on the lives of animals in their care. Some people are unaware of what an animal sanctuary is. An animal sanctuary is a facility where animals are brought to live and be protected for the rest of their lives. Unlike an animal shelter an animal sanctuary does not seek to place animals with individuals or groups. Many times they maintain each animal until their natural death. The Funny Farm is working on being a bit of both. If animals are able to be adopted the sanctuary is looking for a minimal fee.

The Funny Farm officially started early spring this year after they saved a few pigs from being slaughtered and used for greasing. These pigs are now fed and housed on the sanctuary grounds. They also have two goats, roosters, and other animals who have come to the sanctuary by either helpful individuals or have been donated. There are different types of sanctuaries across Idaho which handle cats and dogs or smaller animals. There is one sanctuary in Boise which handles farm animals and now Funny Farm is the second.

They receive donations for feed from Cal Ranch, Ridley's, and Kesler’s. They have also received donations of feed from individuals who have wanted to help. They recently had a garage sale in Idaho Falls at the Cal Ranch, which all donations were in support of the sanctuary. They would like to provide more support and education to the community. They are also looking for volunteers to help clean up the property and help with the animals.

There have been some collaboration between local vegan groups to help on the grounds. The Vegan Legion is an international group that has donated their time to the sanctuary. If one would like to know more about the Vegan Legion one can look at their website at supportveganlegion.com. They are mainly a volunteer philanthropic group which helps different causes across the world. There is also Idaho Vegans who have helped on the farm

The executive committee is made up of Kristi Harris, Elissa Turpin, Charlene Dimaria, Jace Brewer, as well as help from Drake Plaizier. They are looking for business owners in the communities and individuals who would like to be on their committees as well. Check out their Facebook page to learn more. 

If there are any farmers who have last year’s hay or grain for a reduced rate or would like to donate to their cause, feel free to contact them. They are hoping to receive their 501c3 standard very soon and will be able to receive donations on Facebook. However if one would like to donate their time or donate to their cause they do have a donation option on their website at https://www.funnyfarmanimalsanctuary.org/

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