Blackfoot City Council

Blackfoot City Council met to discuss proposals to new ordinances, as well as new zoning changes.

 BLACKFOOT – The council spoke with Kurt Hibbert about the proposed R1-R Ranchette zone. This zone would allow people to own and maintain farm style animals inside city limits, if the home is zoned accordingly. After minimal discussion, the R1-R zone passed, making it possible for those interested and meet the requirements, to start a ranchette in the city.

This item has been a hot button during recent planning and zoning meetings, and had multiple members of the community showing to ask questions and show support for this new zone. After slight draft changes over a few meetings, the finalized draft was then motioned to be presented to the city council.

Both planning and zoning and the city council passed the new zone unanimously.

The city has already received permit requests, and will continue to take requests for the new zone.

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