School board photo

Monday's special school board meeting discussed the possibilities of creating a new position for a full time Athletic Director.

BLACKFOOT – At a special school board meeting held by the Blackfoot School District looked as though it would be a repeat of the last few regarding the potential breach of open meeting laws. Chairman Dewayne Wren had sent an email on January 29, and had it carbon copied to all members of the board. This may or may not be considered a breach of open meeting law, and in good faith, the board wanted to discuss this and make a formal apology concerning the potential error.

Prior to discussing the open meeting error, Superintendent Brian Kress expressed the need for a full-time Athletic Director. Cody Shelley, the former Athletic Director, has stepped down from the position and will continue to teach at Blackfoot High School.

This position will be a non-teaching position but will require the incumbent to have a teaching certificate. There is quite an interest according to Kress, and the interest has come from within, as well as outside the district. The goal of having a full-time athletic director is to alleviate the stress of the position from a member of the teaching staff, and to better accommodate the public.

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