Four new officers join the force

On Tuesday, officers Burgin, Jewett, Pearson, and Taufu'i officially joined the Blackfoot Police Department swearing to uphold the law.

BLACKFOOT – With the start of a new police chief comes the beginning of a new tradition and Tuesday night proved that. Mayor Marc Carroll explained that from now on the city of Blackfoot will do a swearing in ceremony for new officers at City Council meetings.

David Taufu'i joins the Blackfoot Police Department, and came from Bingham County. Besides already having training, Taufu'i brings an elite skill; he speaks five different languages.

Taylor Pearson also spent some time working with the county and now is working with the Blackfoot Police Department. Pearson grew up in Blackfoot, and is the son of Tad and Allyson Pearson. Taylor was joined at the ceremony by his wife and parents.

Ray Jewett moved to Blackfoot from the North Las Vegas, Nevada Police Department and has been working with the force for a few weeks.

Troy Burgin, with Tuesday being his first day on the job, appeared to be the most exciting announcement as a new officer by Chief Scott Gay. According to Chief Gay, Burgin's day started early with training beginning at 7 A.M. and wouldn't be finished until the end of the meeting.

Adding to the exciting news of swearing in four new officers to the department, Gordon Croft has been promoted to captain and Blake Davis promoted to lieutenant.

Prolific changes have taken place over the last week for Blackfoot Police Department, with former police chief Kurt Asmus retiring on June 25, Scott Gay starting his new position as chief of police immediately following Asmus' retirement, the promotions of Croft and Davis, as well as hiring four new officers. These changes are all in efforts to continue serving and protecting the people of this city.

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