P and Z

Planning and Zoning met Tuesday night to discuss multiple action items on the agenda, unfortunately, no action could be taken because of lacking a quorum.

BLACKFOOT – Tuesday's planning and zoning meeting went off without a hitch. That is, the meeting never took off. With two of the five commissioners absent Tuesday evening, the agenda with five different action items had to be rolled over to the April 23 meeting.

With the recent vacancy of one of the commissioner's seats with the retirement of Charlie Kotter, it appears to be evident that the board needs to fill his chair.

With Ron Ramirez being a consistent member of the commission, his absence was planned ahead according to Donna Parkinson, the planning and zoning secretary, but Quinn Stufflebeam was not responsive if he was to be attending or not.

According to Parkinson, the commission can have up to seven members and is need of filling at least one more seat with Kotter's retirement. Parkinson also expressed to the commissioners in attendance that if they know of anyone who would be a good fit for the position, to direct them to Mayor Carroll, as he will make the final decision.

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