The Footloose

The Footloose is one of four of its kind in traveling carnivals in the United States. It uses the leg-hanging technology to immerse the enthusiast into its thrill.

BLACKFOOT – There are only 18 days left until the Eastern Idaho State Fair (EISF) and some of the largest attractions for the younger generation are the copious amounts of amusement park rides that travel to Blackfoot. This year, like most years in the past, Butler Amusements will be the company providing a fun and thrilling nine days at the fair.

Butler Amusements is in its 49 year of operation as a traveling carnival, and continues to bring new and exciting rides to the EISF. Like most years in the past, fair goers can expect to see some of the cult classics such as the Giant Ferris Wheel, Zipper, Scrambler, and other local fan favorites.

For those who are heavy into the thrill of the rides, check out the Ring of Fire or the Footloose; both offer a fully inverted experience going frontward and backward around a loop. The Ring of Fire provides a more classic form similar to roller coasters, where passengers are seated two by two, totaling 20 riders. At the mid-point of the ride, enthusiasts are seated back to back, meaning half of the cart will start in reverse, while the other half enjoy the trip in the forward motion. As the ride ramps up, it reaches high and higher along the edges of the ring, until it finally crests the apex, sending the riders around and around the loop. As it loses energy, it eventually slinks back down the way it came, and sends the passengers through a series of reverse actions.

The Footloose is one of four that travel the United States carnival scene and makes an appearance almost every year at the EISF. Using the thrill-intensifying feeling of free-hanging legs, the Footloose sends 32 passengers swinging. Similar to the Ring of Fire, the Footloose inverts the riders in a forward and backward motion, at a height of nearly 60 feet. The two halves send riders in opposite directions, creating a visual appeal of them coming head-on toward one another, only to go zipping by again and again. Those who enjoy this ride find themselves in line over and over anticipating the next inverted experience; but they do not need to look too hard because the Zipper will tickle that fancy.

The Zipper takes upward of 30 passengers on a flipping, spinning, and thrilling ride that should not be missed. Imagine being in a cart with a close friend or family member, intentionally rocking the cart to scare them; this is just one of the many exciting tricks that can be played on those experiencing the Zipper for the first time. The Zipper follows a little different path as well. Starting in a vertical position and then rotating to horizontal all while the carts are doing backflips, front flips and rocking to and from. The Zipper offers something for that inner thrill seeker, and is sure to have fair goers coming back for more.

But Butler Amusements offers more than just thrills for the death-defying crowd; they also offer a full children's carnival with age appropriate rides. Parents and children alike can join in the fun and laugh for the sake of laughing because when it comes to the EISF, fun is around every corner.

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