BLACKFOOT – What appeared as a typical Tuesday afternoon quickly changed when a row of classic cars drew a small crowd near the Potato Museum. Travelers and those passing stopped to take photographs, inspect, and ogle the works of Detroit muscle and years gone by.

With television shows surrounding people's love of classic and muscle cars, seeing these vintage machines can put a smile on anyone's face.

When stopping to look at these works of beauty, under a canopy sits a Ford Model TT. The Model TT on display is from the 1920s, and demonstrates the classic crank started engines.

Next to the Model TT is a 1931 Buick five-passenger sedan. These vintage passenger vehicles boasted a straight in-line eight-cylinder motor with a three-speed transmission. Within the concept design of this classic are what has been coined "suicide doors."

Sitting beside the Buick sedan is a 1948 Plymouth DeLuxe. This beauty offered a family automobile for a decent price of $1445 to $2070 at the time, Plymouth sold just shy of one-million of these vehicles. Similar to the '31 Buick, the DeLuxe offered a three-speed transmission, but placed a smaller, more economical engine in the vehicle.

Not to be outshined is the 1956 Cadillac Coup DeVille. The '56 Cadillac offered a change with a four-speed automatic transmission, a V-8 motor, with the capability of reaching speeds upward of 100 miles per hour. The classic land yacht hit its claim to fame when Elvis Presley purchased a pink one for his mother.

Joining the vintage rides include a late 70s model Oldsmobile and a Cadillac. These two monsters demonstrate what it meant to be a boat car. Long lines and stretched out bodies, make these vehicles look much larger than they are. Both vehicles offer a comfortable ride and are still a part of American history.

Take a few moments to admire these blasts from the past, and snap a few photos as well.

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