Downtown Dance Photo

The Downtown Dance team traveled to Disney Land to dance last week.

BLACKFOOT – The Downtown Dance Company looks to expand its horizons, but is left in a bit of a pickle after Tuesday nights' Planning and Zoning meeting in the City Hall council chambers. The meeting, which had a hefty agenda of nine action items, never came to fruition as the venue was deemed too small to legally be hosted legitimately. Downtown Dance was one of the many items on the agenda that had to be deferred until a later meeting due to the size of the crowd that came out. Eight of the nine items were moved to the meeting on June 25, but due to potential time constraints, the commission decided to handle Downtown Dance's action item in their work meeting on June 11. Downtown Dance is in the process of moving from Bridge Street to Spruce Street contingent on the P & Z passing a conditional use permit for their business.

The new location will be in the same building as Ace Hardware and would offer them a more traditional location for their business with off-street parking, a newer facility, and a more favorable location.

Since the business opened, the teams have continued to grow, and with growth, space has become a rare commodity. With Downtown Dance in its 15 year of business, owner Amy Mow looks forward to moving into the new location. "We were sad to not get our item finalized last night [Tuesday], but understand the needs to make that call," Mow expressed in correspondence.

The performers of Downtown Dance continue to prepare for their trip to Disneyland this week where they will host a show and demonstrate all the hard work the dancers have put into their craft.

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