Does Scholarship Winners

Krystina Shumaker and Jovanny Garcia receive certificates to frame for being the winners of the 2019 Doe's scholarship winners.

BLACKFOOT – Saturday at high noon, mothers met for tea at the Blackfoot Elks Lodge in anticipation to hear the winners of the annual Does scholarships announced. Congratulations were had for both Jovanny Garcia and Krystina Shumaker as they were presented with scholarships for their college educations.

Jovanny Garcia will be attending Idaho State University in aspirations of completing the rigorous nursing program. His mother joined Garcia for the event and was asked to join him in receiving his certificate from Bree Olsen and the rest of the Does on the selection committee.

Krystina Shumaker was the second announced and will be attending the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) working on a degree in social work and counseling. Shumaker's family were in attendance congratulating her on the achievement, and her mother joined her in receiving her certificate from Olsen and the selection committee.

Both students provided written applications with an essay detailing what they intend to pursue in their advanced educations, where they intend to attend college, what their future goals with their degrees would make possible, and why they are the appropriate selection.

The Elks Lodge nationally is the largest scholarship provider outside of the federal government according to Olsen, and continues to provide scholarships each year and has since the Drove came into existence in the 1970s.

Not to minimize this event being held in conjunction with a Mother's Day weekend event, the Does also held a Mother's Day Brunch, where families came to celebrate motherhood, family, and love. Proceeds from the breakfast go right back into the Does, allowing them to continue offering opportunities to the people of the community.

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