Free Fishing Day

Hannah sits patiently with her fishing pole at the Portneuf Wellness Complex on Free Fishing Day.

IDAHO – Saturday June 8 marked the calendar for Free Fishing Day across the state and brought people out despite the cooler weather to drown a worm and try their luck at hooking on to their very own river monster. Across the valley, many different people traveled to their favorite fishing spots, local waterways, and stocked ponds to break the monotony of the Idaho spring.

One local mother-daughter combination traveled to the Portneuf Wellness complex in Pocatello to try their luck. Idaho Fish and Game brought out on education trailer to the area and were setting up raffle prizes for people to win some fun and exciting fishing related items. Kandice Pozernick, along with her daughter made their way out on to the last empty dock and began casting lines. Like any other day, when an Idaho Fish and Game officer approached, she began to grab her license for him to verify, when he explained to her that he did not need to see it, because it was Free Fishing Day. He later asked if her daughter would like to see the education trailer and then explained different types of game fish that Idaho has, and where they can be caught.

In Blackfoot, battling the weather, people set up along the banks of Jensen Grove to fish for trout that had been stocked in the manmade lake earlier this spring. People placed their lawn chairs, umbrellas and coolers out, ready for reeling in a nice pan-sized trout. As fish were caught and some thrown back, people enjoyed this annual event despite the unpredictable Idaho weather.

In Idaho Falls people traveled to Gem Lake to fish the Snake River. Gem Lake is known for being a slower part of the river that presents many different fishing styles. One can fish from the docks, the bank, or in a boat with ample opportunity to catch the highly-sought-after rainbow trout. Although the Snake River is running higher at this time of year due to winter run off. Alongside the Snake River just off the Sunnyside exit lies a manmade pond that IDFG stocks with nice sized keepers. People surrounded the shores of the small pond, trying to hook a lunker. Although manually stocked throughout the year, the pond creates a safe environment for families to gather and fish.

In the outskirts of Bingham County, families made their way to McTucker Ponds where they fished for trout, bass, and even catfish. This family friendly set of ponds brings different types of sports fishing to the table as it's not the traditional only fishing for trout. With game fish like bass, people were able to experience different types of fishing styles in a safe, controlled environment.

In efforts to keep people interested in fishing and to draw in new anglers, Idaho Fish and Game will continue to stock waterways with fish throughout the spring and summer months to better introduce and maintain people's interest in this life-sport. Even if the weather prevented anyone from traveling out and venturing their luck at catching a trophy-sized trout, remember that purchasing a fishing license will allow one to fish until Dec. 31.

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