Boys Parkour 1

The boys parkour team prepares for their opening number at Saturday's dance recital and gymnastic event held at Snake River High School.

BLACKFOOT – The Kirk Academy will be hosting a dance recital at Snake River High School on May 18 and May 20 starting at 6 p.m. The recital will begin with cultural dances from places like Africa, China, and Ukraine, all decorated with the traditional clothing that comes from each culture.

David and Danica Kirk purchased the dance studio, formerly known as Paunie's School of Dance, in Blackfoot just over two years ago and continued to see the business grow. David worked for Paunie for over 17 years before Danica and he decided to offer to buy the company.

Fast-forward to this year and things are heating up. With new and exciting classes and schools of dance available at the Kirk Academy, David and Danica continue to see more and more smiling youth come through their doors. Danica, with a background in ballet and the world of dance, teaches the majority of the dance courses while David focuses on gymnastics. "Ballet has always been my passion," Danica stated in a matter of fact tone. Together, they bring a recipe for success and continue to share it with local youth. Adding to the gymnastics courses offered at the academy, David and Danica have incorporated a course surrounding parkour, a type of open world gymnastics that includes using their athletic abilities to turn everyday life into a gymnasium and derives from the French word referencing military obstacle courses.

Danica expressed that the parkour classes caught the eye of young men in the area; David added that they get excited to learn all the different ways to participate in parkour.

A special treat for those who attend the recital will see the Kirk Academy's tribute to Paunie, where they pay homage to someone who cultivated dance in the area for over 65 years. Paunie passed away last year following the Kirk Academy's first recital.

The Kirk Academy offers classes for ballet, parkour, clogging, tap, world dance, and multiple levels of gymnastics. Furthermore, they will be performing 28 numbers during the recital and will be spotlighting their more advanced students.

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