Cover art for Creation Abomination

Southeast Idaho is home to Alan Thompson. He has written a science fiction novel called "Creation Abomination" which looks at the ethical dilemmas involved in creating clones for harvesting stem cells. The main character, William Mears, has been working on his doctoral dissertation and hopes to prove that stem cells can repair supposedly irreparable injuries through the use of stem cells. It is a fascinating concept and Thompson feels many people will connect with the main character as he faces different hurdles. 

Thompson grew up in Silicon Valley and moved to Chicago in 2003. He prefers the small towns and especially loves living in Rexburg, ID. His father grew up in Blackfoot and Thompson lane was named after this family. "I love being close to my cousins and aunts. It is nice to have a slower paced lifestyle," Thompson says.

He started writing "Creation Abomination" in 1995 when the idea came to him after reading Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. He wrote out a 28 page outline for the book but it was put on hold when life happened. He got married and then his children came along after. In 2010 he started writing again. It took around six years to finish writing the novel. "I honestly love writing because it is therapeutic. I get a chance to be creative and try to put a visual idea onto the page is challenging but fun." Thompson laughed. "I am a creature of habit, which is good when you are trying to write a book. I get up early and exercise and then begin to write. I write until I can finish a chapter. Sometimes this takes two to ten hours! While I am writing nothing else matters." Thompson feels when writing he has to have a skeleton outline. 

Editing is tough for writers. When they have been working on a piece for a long time and then trying to personally edit a manuscript, pieces get pushed to the sidelines. "Now I know for my next book I am hiring a professional editor," Thompson said describing the editing process. 

Thompson is currently teaching digital marketing at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Teaching at the college level is time consuming, but Thompson is close to finishing his second book. He enjoys showing his work at comic conventions and local renaissance fairs. If one would like to meet Thompson, he will be at the Snake River Renaissance Faire, of which he is a sponsor, in Rigby, Idaho. It runs August 2-4 and will be at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. His hardback and paperback will be for sale as well as artwork based on the action in the novel. 

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