Daniel Barney

Daniel Barney, FNP and Dr. Bryce Moser are to open a clinic with a new business model.

BLACKFOOT – Two local providers are starting a clinic that doesn't follow the traditional business model for healthcare. Certified Family Nursing Practitioner Daniel Barney and Dr. Bryce Moser intend to bring medicine to a new level with a grand opening planned for the Fourth of July.

So what can they be doing that many haven't seen before? Well, that question has a variety of answers. The most significant change from traditional clinics is that they will not be billing insurances, instead their services will be based on membership. With a membership to their clinic, a patient comes into the office as often as needed for standard services. To become a member of their clinic will cost $65 a month for an adult, with a child being $10, and this covers unlimited visits. They will also have options for a business to provide this service to their employees at a discounted rate.

They will be offering a myriad of treatments and preventative care with full services, these include labs, in office procedures, some medications provided at wholesale prices, as well as x-rays and ultrasounds in the future. Besides seeing patients in the office, membership to the clinic will grant access to text message questions to a doctor, phone calls, video chats, and emails. Barney even expressed that he is willing to make house calls. The goal for their practice is to be more available to their patients.

Barney explained that they have no intention to try and get members of the community to shy away from health insurance and that insurance is essential to have, especially for those catastrophic events. He continued with insurance programs are not designed for the day-to-day care people frequently seek from a clinical setting, and that because of the way billing occurs with insurance, such as charging hundreds of dollars for sutures or having to get pre-authorization on many different types of medications and care. Barney used an analogy to explain the situation with how health insurance dictates the kind of service someone gets by comparing it to car insurance. Car insurance providers do not pay claims for the fuel that people use in their vehicles, or when they need an oil change or imagine requiring a pre-authorization to go on a road trip with the family. The implications of such a model would cause significant problems and restrictions, and that is how he feels health insurance  conducts business. He acknowledges that no insurance company can afford everything, and of those who carry insurance, only about five percent use more than $5,000 a year.

Barney's goal is to bring affordable care to as many as they can handle taking on, and wants this new model to incentivize people to get health checks while they keep the cost down. Moreover, they want to be able to conduct 95 percent or more of health care in the clinic. He does admit there will be limits as to what can be done in the office but is hopeful of being able to fill a gap in the day-to-day needs of those in the community. Because of this, they will be taking on a set number of patients, and that is it. "The better I take care of my patient, the happier we both will be," Barney stated.

This model has been successful in other parts of the United States, with some great anecdotal evidence suggesting that quite a bit of people enjoy these, including a famous billionaire who is a member to one of these clinics simply for the prompt service, and the relationship he has built with his doctor.

When asked about if this covers the federal requirement for healthcare, Barney expressed that because it is not insurance, it does not fulfill those requirements, and people should not forgo insurance for this service, but rather supplement it.

They do not want the public to feel that they will be turned away if needing to see a doctor, and will be doing cash pay visits as well, where those seeking this option will be charged based off the services provided.

There are two clinics in Idaho Falls that take part in similar business models but have not entirely stepped away from the insurance market as of yet. Barney and Moser intend to offer more for their members than any of their competitors offer.

"I'm excited about it," Barney exclaimed, "I feel like this is how medicine should be done."

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