Painting the town yellow

Idaho Transportation Department paint trucks touched up the lines in preparation for the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

BLACKFOOT – Don't be surprised if while driving around the town and there is a an Idaho Transportation Department truck marking the lanes with new paint. This seems to be a running theme annually just weeks before the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

Leading into the nine-day event given the moniker of "Fair Week," people in the community hustle and bustle to prepare last-minute chores in anticipation of the influx of vehicle and foot traffic.

Like in previous years, the area downtown will be marked with a series of one-way streets to try to keep the flow of traffic moving at a steady pace. Parks Street, which runs in front of the main gate of the fairgrounds, will be a one-way street traveling west, making the corner near the court house, and out to East Francis Street. Broadway will extend its one-way street past East Francis Street and will end at the intersection of Parks Street and Broadway.

Trolleys will be dispatched during the fair making rounds that start at the main gate of the fairgrounds, travel to the intersection of East Francis Street, taking a left onto East Francis Street, taking the next right onto N. Ash Street and following it down to Judicial. Once at the intersection of N. Ash and Judicial, the trolley will take a left onto Judicial and make an immediate left onto Broadway. Once on Broadway, the trolley will stay on it until it reaches the intersection of Broadway and Parks where it will turn left to start its journey over again.

As the beginning of the fair inches closer and closer, local members of the community will do their annual checklists to solidify that none of their preparations fall to the wayside. From emergency services to businesses increasing staff, everyone in the area plans for a fast-paced, busy week.

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