My experience made me believe

My experience on a research investigation made me a believer. I did believe in spirits and the afterlife before, but to experience it is a unique feeling. 

I had the pleasure of going on a research investigation with Pocatello Paranormal Society. It was formed in Pocatello but they have been doing investigations all over Idaho and Utah. The crew had the opportunity to investigate a local bowling alley that was having incidents of orbs, people being pushed, and feelings of hesitation.

After having a dinner of pizza at Pizza Hut the group went to the alley and did a quick walk through with the owner. When working on a site, Colleen and the group don't obtain the history of the building they are going in as to not be influenced. After getting some ideas of where to put video and recording devices, the group began unloading the gear. I thought this was really interesting. Each device that was unpacked was explained to the owner and people who were along to experience what goes on. This is where we first got some activity. A device had been placed on the  counter about four inches away from the trash can. Colleen continued to chat while Luanne unpacked more gear on the other side of the entrance. We were learning about the electromagnetic divide when 'WHAM' the device that was on the counter fell into the open trash can. Colleen and Luann put down some of the gear they were describing. "Oh, hi there! We are listening." beep! One of the machines made a noise. "We would like to talk to you if your willing?" beep! Colleen then explained that during set up there is usually high activity, which usually is due to the spirits wondering what they are doing. This was pretty interesting to me. Colleen continued again.

"I would like to talk to you. You are welcome to touch, push, pinch, kick, hit me to get my attention. Do not hit anyone else but our team. Okay?" the machine beeped again. We asked some more questions and the machine beeped. About a minute later, the spirit got pretty close to the machine and kept the machine in a long BEEP!!! "I need to to step back please…come on, step back….I promise, we will talk to you again later."  The spirit must have moved because the machine stopped beeping. One of the invited gal's hair stood on end, like a cold blanket passed over her. She wasn't scared but I could tell she was beginning to believe. Colleen continued explaining the rest of the gear and then we helped the rest of the team put up cameras, voice recorders, and flashlights because most investigations are in the dark. 

After setting up the cameras we began searching for electromagnetic fields within the building. There is a phenomenon called a "fear box" where the electromagnetic fields cause a feeling of foreboding and anxiety. This happens a lot in basements and where the electricity, water, and machinery are in an enclosed space. They found the "fear box" downstairs in the building and decided to put the video camera and recording device in another room. Sometimes it causes havoc with the devices they use.

After all the equipment was set up, the lights were turned off and the group split up with two of the experienced researchers and one or two tag-alongs. I was a tag-along who went downstairs with Luann and their newest member. The place that we sat was in the office where the owner had felt a lot of strange happenings and had seen things out of the corner of her eyes. We sat there for a while and got a lot of readings with a flashlight. Luann took point and asked questions of the spirits that were there. One was very intrigued with the flashlight. He kept turning it on and off when asked questions. Daniel Grooms had an application on his tablet which was similar to a spirit box, without all the loud annoying background noise. He turned it on to see if we could get some more interaction. There were a lot of voices coming through. It essentially uses radio waves. We contacted a Marie, her name was clear as day. We found out that she had been pushed down the stairs in the general area. She was married to the guy who pushed her down the stairs. After we had asked her some questions, we began to get contacted by a more vicious spirit. The spirits had been asking almost screaming "help us" when the vicious spirit came into the room. His name was Travis Hunt. We tried talking to him but he only answered back a little. The room completely flipped. It was like the extra pressure one feels when getting in enclosed spaces. I don't know about the other people but I felt like someone was sitting on my chest. We tried to talk to him again but he grabbed onto one of the machines they use, and would not let it go. We cleared out of there very quickly. We went back up the stairs to the main floor and heard distinctly, "don't go." Grooms talked about getting tripped up by something on the stairs. 

We took a breather. After everyone took a break from the other sides of the building and we got together and talked about the evidence everyone had gotten. One of the other teams wanted to go down there, and that idea was terrifying to me. It seemed like Travis did not want us to find out about what he had done. The group went down there anyway, and that didn't last very long.

We decided to go into the main common area, which was a little more enclosed; we had the ability to drink or relax. Colleen brought out her dowsing rods to speak to the entities. Marie popped up quickly and wanted to talk to us some more. Her energy was waning because apparently it takes a lot for spirits to talk or move things in the real world. Marie had some major injuries in her hand when she was pushed down the stairs. Colleen, with her talents, can feel the pain and injuries of the spirits around her. When she talked to her she could feel her hand erupt in pain. After learning she died from the injuries, I began to feel the pressure again. The spirit had followed us back to the main floor. He moved the dowsing rods very quickly and vigorously. Marie, I could feel her disappear when Trent came to talk to us. He seems to be the enforcer in the building. He doesn't let others talk and tends to get aggravated, as when he was living. I was taking video at this time just for fun, but when Trent came in and I was feeling the pressure, I couldn't last very long because he was so angry.

By that time I had turned off my video, I had to head home to put my little one to bed. He was wired and Dad couldn't put him down to bed. The rest of the crew stayed behind to talk to the spirits some more. Colleen told me later that Trent came back and warned the rest of the group that if anyone did research into him or Marie, he would cause bad things to happen. They wrapped up the investigation and finished. It has taken a few months before they were able to look at the evidence and video gathered. They have a lot of audio and video from the investigation. They will be coming out with the overall evidence soon. I am so excited and even though I believe in spirits in general, this experience made me a staunch believer. I know people have talents that give them a better affinity for talking with spirits or channeling their needs. 

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