BLACKFOOT– The Planning and Zoning meeting was moved to the Nuart for Tuesday's meeting. The fourteen-minute meeting covered the Blackfoot Charter School's transition plan for the elementary and middle school. The Planning and Zoning department is used to provide services and code enforcement to the citizens of the county by assuring that provisions of the Bingham County Building and Zoning ordinances, state law and other life safety codes are met by both new and existing constructions, according to Bingham County website. 

Mainly the department checks out the areas that are in development or businesses that wish to develop to ensure that they will be in compliance for the general health, safety and welfare of the community. Tuesday's meeting was mainly concerned with the elementary and middle school zoning issues with the charter school. 

The current area that the charter school is located is not conducive to their current needs. The charter school committee was looking to relocate the elementary and middle school to a new location. They have been working hard to ensure the location and building specifications are met before building occurs. The transition plan submitted by the charter school has gone through several drafts before the Planning and Zoning committee stated, "It is very well done and well presented." The Planning and Zoning Committee were impressed with the updates to the charter school's plan for building on their new grounds and when they plan to be up and running. The school plans to be in the newly built school on December 31, 2023. The conditional use permits were approved for both schools as long as the charter school continues to keep the committee apprised of their changes and issues. 

Beyond the charter school issues, the rest of the business for the meeting was pushed to next month due to the diminished numbers of the committee present. 

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