Jalisa Jack

Jalisa Jack received the Road Scholarship from ISU and the is a recipient of the Bingham County Mayors Scholarship.

FORT HALL – Last Thursday, two students from Shoshone Bannock High School achieved a feat that only one other student from the school has ever accomplished; they were awarded the Road Scholarship from Idaho State University. The winners of the scholarship are Jalisa Jack and Demecia Pine.

Jalisa had been visiting family in Washington when she received information telling her that she should dress nicely for school the next day. Little did Jack know, that she would be presented with not only the Road Scholarship from ISU but also receive a letter inviting her to the Bingham County Mayors' Galla as the recipient of the Mayor Scholarship. Jack expressed that it felt like she applied for the scholarships quite some time ago, and is excited that she won both of them as well as shocked.

Jack is a senior at Sho-Ban High School, with a love for English. When asked if she has a college picked out, she expressed that she originally intended to attend Idaho State University (ISU), but has since received an acceptance letter from San Francisco University in California (SFU). Hearing from SFU piqued her interest because she has always had the desire to travel and explore. "I want to live in a big city–big city life intrigues me," Jack stated in an interview.

Without tooting her own horn, Jack expressed that school has come naturally to her, and because of that she uses her skills to help her younger siblings increase their knowledge. Jack credits the teachers and staff in the Shoshone Bannock school system for their constant help with student progression, explaining that the teachers really care about the students' success and they go out of their way to help.

Jack continues to put the work in when it comes to her studies, as she has already completed dual enrollments in speech, sociology, psychology, and English at ISU, and will be taking more classes this summer so that she will be over a semester into her degree when it comes time for her to be a freshman.

For fun, Jack likes to relax, hang out with friends, and watch some TV. Alongside all of her accolades as a student, her dual enrollment at ISU, and encouraging her younger sister to keep working hard, Jack also works part-time in Chubbuck.

Jack will be the first of her family to attend college, and although she is currently undecided in her major, she believes it will have something to do with English, as it continues to be her favorite subject.

Jack plans to travel in her lifetime and would like to visit France and Italy. She expressed that traveling is something that she has not been able to do a lot of thus far in her lifetime, and wants to make sure that she doesn't miss out on the opportunity to do so.

Congratulations Jalisa Jack for receiving these high accolades, and keep up the hard work!

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