Food Pantry on the corner of Birch Street and Judicial

The food pantry set up by the Girl Scouts is in need of donations to keep its reserves full.

BLACKFOOT – Local supporters of a small food pantry that has been set up on the corner of Birch Street and Judicial Street is in need of supplies, according to Dawn Roth. Just as other humanitarian services local to the area sometimes need community support, this pantry too can use the people's help.

The pantry offers help to those who need it and depending on the time, has items from canned goods to toilet paper all in the name of charity.

The pantry was built by the Girl Scouts working toward their Bronze Award and has continued to help families in need ever since.

Kristi Dewey leads the Girl Scout troop that put the pantry together and continues to prove philanthropic and humanitarian aid to the area. They have since helped with establishing another food pantry in the Blackfoot area located at the Christian Fellowship church on Rose Road. The message posted on the door tells the whole story. "Take what you need, leave what you can" sends a strong message. Sabi Seiber stated regarding the work put into these pantries, "You guys make the world a better place. I hope people take care if it." For these little pantries, that is always a concern; that services like these will go unsupported.

Blackfoot is home to quite a few different food pantries located in different locations, from smaller, more simple pantries to much larger, more diverse pantries. The Community Dinner Table offers one of the largest in the area, and goes above the call of duty, as well as the pantry held by the Bingham County Senior Citizens Center, which holds a pantry on Fridays. Those are not the only ones in the area; most of the church facilities also offer aid to those in need.

Food pantries help those who may need a hand up without the pressure of a making too much money to not qualify for assistance programs.

For more information about donating to any of these pantries, please contact their respective leaders and administrators; they will be able to provide answers to most questions.

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