Turkeys terrorize Blackfoot (an editorial)

Photo Courtesy Vickie Hunt

So, the past two weeks have actually been quite hilarious.  I’ve received numerous calls from people saying they’ve spotted three rogue turkeys in Blackfoot.  Even Butch and Mavis Lish–who are legendary–called with this tip.  And each time I received a call, I’ve jumped in my lil’ orange car and traveled to where they were spotted: the Bingham County Senior Center, the American Legion, the Potato Museum, St. Bernard’s Church, and even Nonpareil!  I just couldn’t find them.  

    Finally, I got the funniest call of all.  “Those turkeys are terrorizing Blackfoot!” the woman said. “It’s like they’re in a gang or something.”  I thought she was serious before she laughed and laughed.

“It’s weird right before Thanksgiving though, right?” I questioned her, always turning into a reporter.

    “You bet they know what’s going on!  But they better watch it. Thanksgiving is almost here and one of ‘em is a big’n,” she joked.

    So, I decided to try finding those turkeys one last time.  We’d gotten another call saying they were hanging out on the tracks (probably on the wrong side of ‘em!).

    I rolled down my driver’s side window, drove slow and listened hard.  It was almost too quiet and that’s when something happened in a neighborhood east of the tracks.

    This sleek, brown thing practically threw itself across the road, so fast if I’d blinked, I would’ve missed it.  I pulled over and stopped my car – heart beating fast, hand clenching the wheel. I knew that creature hid somewhere in the bushes ahead.

    Then I heard a noise from behind my vehicle!

    I swear it was like being in a real-life Jurassic Park!  The turkeys were luring me forward, just so they could surround me.

    It’s an eerie feeling being stalked by a gang of Blackfoot turkeys, really.  

    That lady on the phone said they were lusting for revenge after years of surviving numerous Thanksgivings. Maybe she was right? 

    I gunned it then, and didn’t look back because if I were an animal I’d be a chicken.

    Anyway, on Monday I posted about this on Facebook and the results were hysterical.  Almost everyone seems to have had a run-in with these turkeys! I’m so glad Vickie Hunt caught a picture of them probably looking for their next victim.  But I can't blame the turkeys for acting the way they do.  I mean, if someone always looked at you like you were a piece of meat, wouldn't that get old?

    Okay, so they actually seem quite nice and skittish, but it is funny that this has caused such a stir. I personally just want to know if sightings continue after Thanksgiving. Only time will tell!