BINGHAM COUNTY – Blackfoot, Snake River and Aberdeen school districts all had levies to be voted on at the polls.

Blackfoot was awarded their levy, with gaining nearly 77 percent support from the voters. The levy was a $275,000 increase on their previous levy. The increase funds are for operations and cost of living increases, which the employees have not received for quite some time.

Snake River's levy also passed with nearly 70 percent support. Their levy is a renewal of the previous levy of $750,000. The amount passed, and Snake River School District will receive $750,000 each year for the next two years.

Aberdeen sought a plant facility levy for maintenance wage increases, repairing malfunctioning equipment at the elementary school, and other issues. Their levy started off rocky with voters looking to be opposed, but upon final tally, nearly 62% voted in favor of the levy.

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