Medium is inspirational

BLACKFOOT-Some of the metaphysical things at the fair can be found at Soul to Sole booth. Angelica Lopez has taken part in the festivities and has been giving readings to individuals who stop by. 

When Lopez was little she didn’t know that she was a medium. She would get really good grades and would know what was on the tests but she really didn’t have an answer for what her gift was. Lopez always believed that when a person passed away they would come back and speak to their family members. But when she got older she realized that she had a gift not many people have. 

Dreams have always played an important part to Lopez and she would mainly speak to the spirits when she was asleep. She received the information that she was a medium when she was A part of a group reading from another psychic. Lopez knew she wanted to improve her gift. She learned control to speak to the spirits during the day and when she finally realized that she had attuned to her gift she saw her mother walk in the front door who had been passed for quite a few months. It took her a while to gain the mastery and focus to set boundaries within her gift, “it was a sleepless month and finally I was able to gain some control. Now it is only a matter on focusing to those spirits around whom I’m reading.”

During a reading with Lopez, she can see things like past lives, a sort of body scan for health issues and can see what’s going on within an individual’s body.  Her talents also can bring messages from their family members as well as sometimes seeing what the future has for the person sitting in front of her. One of the more intense stories that has happened to Lopez was she received a message from a little girl she was murdered by her parents. The aunt had come to her to connect with her niece and learned the revelation. She has also helped the police in another ongoing investigation involving a murdered individual. “It’s certainly intense when I learn these things,” says Lopez. 

When having a reading one sits in front of Lopez, and she focuses on the spirits that may be with that individual. After she has sat for a moment she reveals whether that spirit has messages for the person or whether they just have some supportive things to say. It is something one must experience for oneself.

She is done reading for the fair but she currently reads at the Sweet Escape Salon in Burly or one can check her out on Facebook at Angelica Lopez Psychic Medium.


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