Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is a fun time of year and getting into the spirit of dressing up and passing out candy can be a blast for adults too!

BLACKFOOT– Even though there are not any of the signature Halloween stores in the area, one can still find a relatively good spread of costumes at Walmart and Deseret Industries. There are numerous trends that are coming to light from the amount of searches and popular video games, which are available for adults and kids of all ages. 

In the early 1900s there was a pamphlet that came out almost every Halloween. The pamphlet was used to give hints and tricks for throwing an appropriate party, complete with decorations, food, and games. These pamphlets could be found at drugstores and on magazine racks. The popularity can still be felt from numerous people in the community. The ideas for creating simple elegant costumes for a proper Halloween party can be used today, "Weird designs and bright orange in contrast with black make it possible to create very striking costumes for the Halloween party with very little work. Many crepe paper costumes are made over a muslin foundation to which the paper is sewed or pasted as seems best. For this kind of costume regular dress patterns may be used but they are not often necessary. The paper may be sewed by hand or on the sewing machine. The slip-over costume is a style that is very popular for an informal party. It is what its name implies and is worn over any simple frock. The foundation of a slip-over costume is a full width of crepe paper cut out for the neck and of sufficient length to reach from the shoulders to the bottom of the skirt, front and back. To this foundation are attached ruffles, streamers, or cut-out designs. There are many variations to this type of costume. It is often adapted to a man's costume and is particularly desirable, because it may be worn over a conventional business suit coat or negligee shirt." This came from the Dennison's Bogey Book, which was printed from the early 1900's to the 1940's.

There has been a definite trend of onesie type pajamas which keep everyone warm and are cost efficient. One typical complaint that parents have for Halloween and getting everyone a costume, is the general cost and comfort. Many children hate the idea of wearing hats or constricting clothes and there has been a push to have costumes that are reminiscent of pajamas. These types of pajamas can be good for children with sensory issues. Another way Halloween stores are becoming more inclusive.

The top Halloween costume that is in stores and searched for is Pennywise the clown from Stephen King's "It" movies. This creepy costume, and animatronic, can be found online and in different Halloween stores. The clown can definitely spark some nightmares for some. 

The second most searched Halloween costume is a witch. The Sanderson sisters are quite popular for numerous people. Even a simple witch costume with a pointed hat and black dress gives the illusion of the supernatural. 

Other searches that have been popular are Spider-Man, dinosaur, Descendants, clowns, Fortnite, Chucky, 1980s (for those who are loving the tv show Stranger Things), and unicorns. One can see how popular these costumes are because of the amount of options at the stores. The larger a section is, the more popular it is. There are a lot of people who love doing group costumes. Some of the more popular group costumes are the Descendants (which is a tv show), Fornite (online game), Stranger Things (tv show), Toy Story, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Minecraft, and Powerpuff Girls.

Don't forget the little ones! Some of the top baby costumes are a Banana, Dalmation, Grinch, Pennywise, Staypuft, Starbucks, Concha, Pumpkin, Deer, or Olaf (from Frozen). Putting these costumes together can help make Halloween fun for everyone involved.

Some people enjoy decorating their cars for Trunk or Treat too. Because of its popularity, there is a thriving business creating spooky designs for the back of cars. One can get some ideas from Pinterest or even at online Halloween stores.

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