New motor vehicle registration rules in effect

January 1 was the beginning of the motor vehicle registration rules. 

BLACKFOOT– Starting January 1, 2020 when registering one's vehicle, there will be a check on insurance for the vehicle. Idaho Code 49-1234 was passed during a 2019 Idaho legislative session. This requires that vehicle owners will need to have proof of insurance for two consecutive months or risk having their registration suspended. This law only applies to non-commercial vehicles, and excludes trailers and off-highway vehicles.

Those who are without insurance for two consecutive months will receive a warning and will be given 30 days to provide proof of insurance or obtain an exemption before the registration is suspended. However when registering one's vehicle one does not have to provide a proof of insurance to do so. The data from the Idaho-licensed insurance companies works in congruence with the Department of Motor Vehicles. If one's insurance is out of state, the vehicle will be classified as not having insurance until a proof of insurance is provided to the transportation department through an alternative method. If one is not sure whether one's insurance is outside Idaho, call the insurance company and check with them. There is an ITD insurance certification that can be printed off for out-of-state insurance companies. 

If one's registration is suspended, a proof of current insurance and a $75 suspension fee are required prior to getting reinstatement of registration. The suspension is tied to each vehicle owned. There will be a $75 fee for each suspended vehicle. 

The idea of computer database systems are designed to promote compliance with the law by increasing the odds of being caught driving uninsured. Through this law, there is a hope that more people will drive on the road insured when there is the chance of losing registration. 

If one happens to not have their insurance card with them if they get pulled over, there will still be a chance to provide proof of insurance, which will waive the reinstatement fee.

One will not need to surrender license plates if the registration gets suspended. It is important to keep one's address up-to-date to receive notice if suspension is imminent. 

If the registration is suspended, it is illegal to drive or park on any street, on the roads, or highways. This will not exempt one from citations. If the car is suspended, there will not be a temporary operating permit available.

If one has more questions go online to www.itd.idaho.gove/driveidaho to find answer to questions and more. In Idaho it is still okay to pay online for registration and this option will still be available when this new change goes into effect. 

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