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Lynn Southworth and Colleen O'Hara explaining some of the gear they use during an investigation.

SOUTHEAST IDAHO– The Pocatello Paranormal Society was created in 2010 after Lynn Southworth and Colleen O'Hara had moved to Pocatello. They had met on a Ghost Hunters watch page and their love of ghost hunting made quick friends. When they moved to Pocatello they were quickly joined by Bob Bosworth, Andrew Kissner, Daniel Grooms, and Tim England. This group has been doing research hunts ever since. 

Colleen grew up in the life of the supernatural. Her mother was a medium, psychic, and was clairvoyant. When they moved to a house in the countryside, Colleen's mother refused to get out of the car. She stated that the house was already full. The house used to be a senior living home and many of the spirits stayed there. "My mother could see them all. Living in a haunted house definitely caused a lot of stress," says Colleen. 

Being a part of a paranormal group that does research investigations, Colleen has learned a lot of things about spirits. She says children spirits tend to attach themselves to families with the same age children. "There is a good possibility that the imaginary friends that many children have had, were spirits. Not all of them are, but a good number could be." She said. Because spirit children don't grow up and their human friends do, they tend to move on to other families. There have been some instances when a single woman has passed, she tends to become nanny for the child spirits. "We have had some spirits say their nanny, or the woman says they are the nanny. They become protectors for these children." She went on to explain that spirits are not inherently evil or bad, they tend to be just like regular humans on a different plane. Many times the spirits want to speak, just as badly as a human wants to talk to another. There are some non-human entities that are around as well. "Oddly enough we have had more non-human entities on investigations on the reservation. Outside of the reservations, (I believe it is because these cultures have strong ties to their history and lore), there have usually just been human entities," says Colleen. 

There have been some investigations that have had a lot of activity recorded. The Enders Hotel was investigated at the behest of the mayor. The stories that have been conveyed that there are spirits there of former employees and guests. There is also a rumor that someone was shot in the building, as well as someone getting pushed down the stairs. When Pocatello Paranormal did the investigation they said they found a very active building. Lynn had a feeling that there was something in the basement (they usually don't go into depth on the history of the building until after an investigation). Lynn and Colleen went downstairs and used infrared to see if anything was visible. Colleen got a visual on the infrared of three entities forming. 

They've done investigations down in Utah at the Whittier school. It has been investigated many times by a Utah paranormal society. The Utah team let the Pocatello Paranormal have reign of the school to give them a chance to investigate. They were able to talk to six of the seven entities that the Utah team has been able to contact.

They have also done some personal home investigations in Blackfoot. One investigation was particularly memorable. They said that the family home had two non-human entities that were bothering the entire family. The team created a mock fight to bring up the energy in the room so they could expel the entities. "It's not usual that we do things like this. But it has been seen time and time again, people who argue and raise a lot of tension in their house can create and almost invite entities in. We all had to take a breather after that night." There have been a couple of times they weren't able to help out people because they do not listen to the advice or support given from the team. "There was one couple that would have constant fights and would burn out electronics in their house. They asked us to help numerous times but after a while of not listening to us, and going back and forth to other people for advice, we had to say no. We can't help people who don't listen." 

Colleen and the team find their investigations through invitation. There is a rather lengthy process to weed down the possibilities of a case. They have done cases in many different places throughout Idaho and Utah. One can see the evidence they have gathered on their website. There are a lot of people that may not believe in spirits or entities, and the Pocatello Paranormal Society are fine with that. "We help people figure out what has been going on in their buildings, and it gives them a chance to understand what can happen after one passes away." 

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