Peak Family Medicine

Peak Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care clinic, which opened in Blackfoot a few months ago. 

BLACKFOOT– Peak Family Medicine opened a few months ago and it has been a positive experience for many of the patients who have been able to take part. Dr. Bryce Moser, D.O. and Daniel Barney opened the office with the help of Brianne Mecham. Even though there are only three of them their facility is quite efficient.

Peak Family Medicine is considered a Direct Primary Care clinic. This model is a practice and payment model where patients pay their physician or practice directly in a form of periodic payments for a defined set of primary care services. There is usually a flat monthly or annual fee, which allows access for a broad range of medical and administrative services. Simply, persons who are patients of Peak Family Medicine pay a month's fee of $65 for adults and $10 for children 0-18 years. They will never bill insurance and the money goes directly to the care of the patients, "We basically got rid of the middle man," says Moser. There is no co-pay, like with regular providers.

They offer a more personalized visit for each patient and offer same-day, next-day appointments, very little wait times, text messages, phone, video chat, email, and even home visits. "I have helped patients over text before. Like one patient was worried her son may have a contagious eye infection and would have to stay home. I was able to help her out with home care without having to come in. The kid was able to go to school, because I could determine he was non-contagious. Whereas the average doctor's visit would have taken her until at least lunch before they knew for sure if the child could go to school. Everything is streamlined, and more personable for each patient," says Moser.

The Peak Family Medicine is not like a welfare clinic, but more attuned to a concierge service clinic. For a monthly fee, patients can go into the office and see the doctor and walk out with sutures, prescriptions, or other in-house procedures. There is more access. Barney says, "People like it because they are not being rushed through the clinic, the follow-up is even better. Most doctor's are not paid to speak to their patients, they do it all through their nurses. If Brianne is busy, one of us (pointing to Moser) will answer the phone and we will talk to the patients. There is no headache."

Patients can still come in without insurance, and pay a $95 fee. They do recommend patients have their own insurance for the larger troubles, like specialists, imagery, and surgery. "For example, it is just like having car insurance, you don't need your car insurance for oil changes or tire rotations. We are the same idea. Patients should still have insurance, but we are not charging insurance for the little issues they have. They won't have an unexpected bill from us. We will be very up front about costs," says Barney.

Unlike average practitioners, Peak Family Medicine will cap their number of patients. The average provider will take on 2500 or more patients a year. Peak Family Medicine will average about 600 patients per provider. If one would like to know more about the practice or has questions, check out their website:   

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