Potholes are plaguing local neighborhoods around Blackfoot.

BLACKFOOT – The Blackfoot Street Department took to the roads to start repairing what mother nature set out to destroy. As the snow starts to melt away, and the warmth of the sun is felt, the roadways feel the coming of spring as well. It would seem that this time of year, potholes spring up over night and grow more rapidly than any weed.

Elmer Lamprecht, a well-known local member of the community, expressed his concern about the potholes growing on Mark Street in Blackfoot. This specific road experiences a substantial amount of travel; from those who live in the area, school buses headed to and from Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center, and semi-trucks heading to the impound yard. This road is narrower than most roads in the city, with signs posted expressing that there is to be no parking on this street.

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