Snake River CrossFit class

Front row, L-R:

Wyatt Samargis

Ederson Wescott

Yaneli Garcia Karina Aguirre

McCall Ranstrom

Back row, L-R:

Harlee David

Gisselle Trejo

Saydee Garza

Noah Jones

Michael Mow

Josh Curzon

Kasey Bullock

Jax Wasia Nic Ulrich

Maison Clark

By Alison Walker

Step inside Rise Fitness at the end of the term and you’ll join Michael Mow’s Snake River Junior High CrossFit classes on an end-of-trimester field trip, discovering the finer points of CrossFit at a fully equipped gym. 

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Mr. Mow assures that CrossFit fits every life and every style. Visit Rise Fitness to learn more.

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