Water pools in Bingham County

Now that it's rained – and the ice has melted – water still covers various places in Bingham County. This picture was taken by Ash Street in Blackfoot.

BLACKFOOT – Bingham County Road and Bridge would like to report that there are no paved roads that are closed in the county, at this time. However, most of the unpaved roads are saturated and can be difficult to drive on. Please avoid them and watch for the coned off sections. If you need to drive on them, please use extreme caution. Additionally, there are several roads in the county that still have water running over them, which can pose dangerous driving conditions. Motorists are urged to use extreme caution when driving on roads with crossing water. It is advised to avoid them all together, if at all possible. With the rapid changes in temperature, conditions can change rapidly. Turn Around Don’t Drown.


Individuals that are in the affected areas, which are in need of constant medical assistance of any kind, may want to have contingency plans to evacuate. This would be in the event that emergency personnel could not reach their location.


It is also advised to have a disaster plan in place with everyone in the household. Decide where to meet and who you would contact in case of flooding. Be prepared to evacuate you and your family at a moment’s notice.


Sand Bag Locations: Bingham County, in conjunction with the City of Shelley, Firth, and Aberdeen has sand bag locations for those residents that may be in need.


Shelley: Located at the Shelley Fire Station

Firth: Located behind Collets off HWY 91

Aberdeen: Located in Stokes parking lot

Bingham County: Located at Moreland Park, & The Cow Palace - 900 West 140 South



For more information about the Bingham County Road closure or road conditions, contact Dusty Whited at 208.782.3864 or R. Scott Reese at 208.782.3191.

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