Seniors still in need of holiday cheer

***Update*** all gifts have been purchased

BLACKFOOT – Residents at The Willows Assisted Living & Memory Support Center deserve to have an amazing Christmas and here’s a chance for the community to help make that a reality. Below is an updated list of what each resident would like (gifts already purchased and donated have been removed from the previously printed list).

Participants can decide whether they would like to wrap items as long as the corresponding number (below) is on the package so items can be delivered to the desired resident.

Donations can be brought to Christine Jackman, Lifestyle and Leisure Director, at The Willows Assisted Living Center located at 898 South Meridian in Blackfoot.

The Christmas wish list is included below (please bring donations on or before December 21). For questions, please call the assisted living’s office at (208)782-1478.

The missing numbers have already been purchased:


2. Cat Toys, Pants(women sz 16), Blouse(sz XL)

3. Christmas Fruit Cake, Christmas Wreath

4. Night gown(sz xl 16-18), Slippers(sz 7-8)

5. Lindt chocolate bar (intense orange), Raw Almonds

6. Dog Treats, Caramel filled chocolates

7. Cologne(Old Spice), Pants 38X30

8. Chocolate, couple pair of leggings(sz med)

9. Night gown(sz 3x)

10. Candy, Jergens lotion

11.Socks(sz 10 ½), cologne

12. Perfume, Chicken Soup for the soul book

13. Men’s joggers(sz 2xl), Shirts(sz 2x)

14. Blouse(sz 17), Pants(sz 10)

16. Sweats(sz Med Men’s), long sleeve shirts(sz med)

17. Cassette player, cassettes

18. Shirts(sz 7xl), case of Pepsi

19. Hatchet man necklace, electric razor

20. Boxers(sz Lg), socks(sz 10 ½)

21. Chocolate marshmallow Santa, hypoallergenic lotion

22. Cody wild musk perfume, glue gun and glue sticks

24. Sweat pants & sweat shirt(women sz4xl), Chocolate

25. Tennie shoes(sz 10 women), sweater(sz 2xl women)

26. Coffee pods, French vanilla coffee creamer

27. Cologne, Carton of full flavor cigarettes

30. Electric razor, pants(sz 20), Bra (sz 46DD)

32. Men’s Cowboy boots(sz 8 ½ ), sweat pants (sz lg), toy ice skates

33. Men’s western coat(sz lg)

34. Men’s thin pajama pants, Pepsi

35. Women’s pajama set(sz lg), slippers(sz 8 ½ -9)

36. Men’s jeans(sz 31x31), cologne/aftershave

37. Fuzzy socks, adult color book, Chapstick

39. Women’s warm winter pants(sz 16), warm coat(sz lg)

40. Sweats(sz xl), shirts(sz xl)

41. Slippers(sz 13 men’s), perfume

42. Men’s winter boots(sz 10), dark chocolates

43. Men’s sweats(sz xl), Dress shirt(sz xl)

44. Russell Stover's sugar free candy, case of diet Pepsi

45. Women’s sweater(sz xl), long gripper socks

46. Nail kit, women’s stretch waist pants(sz lg)

47. Men’s shirts(sz lg), pajama pants( sz lg)

48. Women’s pants elastic waist(sz med), blouses(sz lg)

49. Women’s vest

50. Modeling clay, women’s socks(sz 10)

51. Women’s slippers(sz 8), pants(sz xl)

52. Women’s pajamas(sz lg), slippers(sz 8)

53. Women’s scarf, slippers(sz 7w)

54. Is an RN; things to keep her busy “at work”

55. Women’s socks(sz 8), hard sole slippers(sz 9w)

56. Night gowns(sz 3xl), long fuzzy socks(sz 8)

57. Slipper socks(sz 5/6), warm shawl

58. Pants(sz med), underwear (sz med), bras(sz 36a)

59. Candy, men’s slippers(sz 10/11)

60. Men’s coat(2xl), cologne, CD player, Carton of full-flavored cigarettes, case of Pepsi

61. Chocolate Haggen das ice cream, stocking cap

63. Puzzles, ice cream bars

65. Sunglasses, outfit(sz 6/8 pants, sz med blouse)

68. Women’s coat(sz 2xl), pants(sz 2xl)

72. Men’s bath set, cologne