70th Class Reunion

This is a photo from the 40's and gives a glimpse of what Blackfoot High School looked like. 

BLACKFOOT– High school is an integral time for many people. The Blackfoot High School, Class of 1949 is still holding the tradition of class reunions. Friday, September 27 was the 70th class reunion for these Blackfoot Broncos. Even though there were only nine in attendance, the stories were still memorable and connected them all.

Cloris Brown has been keeping track of her classmates for many years. Their graduating class was of 101 students, but now there are only about a quarter of them left. Many of the people in her graduating class have moved out of Idaho and are currently living with their children in other states. She has tried keeping track of them, but many times the mail has come back undelivered. Those who were in attendance reminisced about the times they had in previous years. There were a few members who had passed between this year's reunion and last, and they chatted about their memories.

Some of the interesting stories that were relayed were of times during school. One man remembers having to deal with party lines, "I can't tell you how many times I would pick up the phone and there would be this woman who was gossiping." They relayed another story about traveling down to Pocatello to listen to some amazing music and dancing the night away, "Can't do that anymore, I have to have days to recuperate." They also talked about how the downtown of Blackfoot has changed. The Echolls hotels, known as the Milmore, was a fun place for many people to go. They even discussed what the letter P on the outside of the building was for. It is believed that the P stood for Pawnee, but one was not sure why it was put there. 

Cloris also keeps in touch through email with many of her classmates. They send her funny anecdotes which she read during the reunion. "What show was the Beatles first on? What did the Lone Ranger leave behind? Where do you get your kicks? Who was Satchmo? What was the name of the Red Skelton hobo character? and the song 'The Day the Music Died' was about which singers death?" These question were relayed to those in attendance. They all had fun answering the questions.

Those who were there were Cloris Brown, Darlene Herbst Walker, Wynona Brunson Crumb, Irwin Allen, Ivonne Allen, Dean Hill, Merlene Peterson,  and Bill Peterson. Those who were close by but couldn't make it were Katie Stayley and Gen and Jack Thomas (who celebrated their 70th Anniversary, getting married right out of high school). One hopes that they continue this tradition and their children enjoy the stories relayed.

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