The Candy Jar—an amazing addition to Blackfoot
By Elisa Magagna 

BLACKFOOT- The Candy Jar has such delicious fudge that it is sure to bring people back again and again. The Loomis’s store is not only gorgeous on the inside, but has a sort of magic to it that could make one remember the candy stores of old. With beams made from wood in the basement, artwork that was masterfully restored, and architecture that is exemplary, this is a must-see in Blackfoot.

A true addition to the area, this should not only excite locals—because this gourmet quality of candy is unusual in this area—but will also amaze tourists who stop by after visiting such places as the Potato Museum.
If you haven’t tried it yet, go get some fudge! The chocolate is especially delicious, but many have also raved about the mint and cookie dough fudge as well.