Trek postponed

Renegade and Starbuck have been with Angela Woods since the beginning of her trek. Renegade received a significant injury and will need to be sent home. Woods is figuring out what to do next.

BLACKFOOT– There are many readers who may remember the article about Angela Woods and her horses Renegade and Starbuck. Woods and her horses have been working very hard to reach the coast and were relatively close to their goal before tragedy struck. Renegade has received a significant torn muscle and ligament in his upper hip area. He is no longer allowed to pull the cart and needs six months of resting in a field or paddock. 

Woods has had to make a lot of very difficult decisions in a short amount of time. She had to make decisions about her custom wagon, whether to buy another horse, how to get Renegade home, and whether she was going to finish the trek. According to her Facebook page and blog she has made the decision to finish the trek to the west coast riding Starbuck. She has found a saddle and has found some options to house Renegade until they can ship him back home. 

Her post says, "I'm borrowing a saddle and gear and riding to the coast with my trusty steed Starbuck. Once I'm there I'm calling the Trek done. However, I'm not stopping my fundraiser once I'm home, I'm going to ride as much as I can and put a dollar in for every mile I ride till I reach my goal of $7,000 dollars. It would probably take me a while to get there but it's worth doing." 

The No Kid Hungry website brings together teachers, philanthropists, and people willing to raise money to ensure that children do not go hungry. Woods has a raised $5,850 which is shy of her $7,000 goal, one dollar for each mile she was going to ride. 

During these last few days she has found a saddle and tack to ride Starbuck the rest of the way to the coast. When Renegade is sufficiently rested, Woods has worked out a deal by trading her cart for a ride back home for her and the horses. There are a lot of people who have supported her throughout this endeavor, and even though she was not able to go the 7,000 mile planned, the fact she is going to push to the West Coast and then continue riding at home shows her zeal to bless the lives of children who are without food. 

If anyone wishes to donate to the cause of ending childhood hunger they can donate at the website or if one would like to read up on Wood's progress on her blog, check out She is also on Facebook with Chatrek Challenge Hunger American Trek. She is an inspirational woman. 

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