Wall That Heals

Check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/blackfootwallthatheals/ or to the website https://blackfootwallthatheals.org/ 

BLACKFOOT– It has been a while since the news came out that the Wall that Heals will be coming to Blackfoot, Idaho. The wall will be making its way to Blackfoot on September 24 through the 27. There have been some issues in figuring out where the wall will be located in town, but through some rigorous measuring and site visits, the wall will be stationed in Jensen’s Grove.

They are now taking names for people who would like to volunteer. People can sign up to volunteer online or on the website. There are some great opportunities for students during this time as well. Incoming Seniors or National Honors Society students have already started asking about volunteering, so they can receive their service hours. Schools in the area are also preparing for this by creating art projects and lessons to help students understand its importance.

On Veterans Day in 1996, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund unveiled a half-sized replica of the memorial in Washington D.C. It was designed to be able to travel throughout the United States. It has been in nearly 600 communities, creating and spreading a legacy to millions of people. The memorial provides thousands of veterans the opportunity to see the wall in their own communities. 

Bingham County, and many of the counties in Eastern Idaho will be helping to create a place where the healing can begin. There have been many companies and individuals taking time out of their schedules to ensure that the wall will be properly placed, secured, and has enough volunteers to make it a memorable event for all. 

The replica itself is 375 feet in length and stands seven-and-a-half feet tall. It has 140 numbered panels and a machine engraved the 58,000 names with a led lighting to make the wall readable at night. When the wall is stationed in a city, it will be available 24/7. There will also be a mobile education center which is a 53-foot trailer which provides information about the wall as well as local names and stories of those who perished. 

They are looking for numerous volunteers and or donations to help the event occur. One can sign up to volunteer, a concise schedule will be forthcoming, on the website https://blackfootwallthatheals.org. They are taking donations to help during the time the wall is in town. The website will allow donations in the coming months, but for now if one would like to donate to the wall send a check to: VanOrden, Lund, and Cannon – BEDC (Bingham Economic Development Corp), 1487 Parkway Drive, Blackfoot, ID 83221.

This is an amazing opportunity for Blackfoot and there have been a lot of people who have worked hard to make it possible.

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