Want to give back this holiday season?

Want to give back this holiday season? Certain residents at The Willows (in Blackfoot) Have asked for some pretty small items. A small donation could go a long way! Below are the numbers of the residents and the items they would love to receive. Please bring items (either wrapped or unwrapped) with the corresponding number on them so these can be given to the residents for Christmas. Please call The Willows with any additional questions.

The Willows Assisted Living & Memory Support     898 S. Meridian Blackfoot , ID 83221.   Office: 208.782.1478 

  1. Chocolate, Red Vines Licorice
  2. Cat Toys, Pants(women sz 16), Blouse(sz XL)
  3. Christmas Fruit Cake, Christmas Wreath
  4. Night gown(sz xl 16-18), Slippers(sz 7-8)
  5. Lindt chocolate bar(intense orange), Raw Almonds
  6. Dog Treats, Caramel filled chocolates
  7. Cologne(Old Spice), Pants 38X30
  8. Chocolate, couple pair of leggings(sz med)
  9. Milk Chocolate, Night gown(sz 3x)
  10. Candy, Jergens lotion
  11. Socks(sz 10 ½), cologne
  12. Perfume, Chicken Soup for the soul book
  13. Mens joggers(sz 2xl), Shirts(sz 2x)
  14. Blouse(sz 17), Pants(sz 10)
  15. 2 pair of sweat pants(sz kids xl), fleece blanket
  16. Sweats(sz Med Mens), long sleeve shirts(sz med)
  17. Cassette player, cassettes
  18. Shirts(sz 7xl), case of pepsi
  19. Hatchet man necklace, electric razor
  20. Boxers(sz Lg), socks(sz 10 ½)
  21. Chocolate marshmallow santa, hypoallergenic lotion
  22. Cody wild musk perfume, glue gun and glue sticks
  23. Manly throw blanket(fish, deer, etc), Athletic pants(sz 3xl)
  24. Sweat pants & sweat shirt(women sz4xl), Chocolate
  25. Tennie shoes(sz 10 women), sweater(sz 2xl women)
  26. Coffee pods, French vanilla coffee creamer
  27. Cologne, Carton of full flavor cigarettes
  28. Fuzzy socks, cat throw blanket
  29. Pipe tobacco, flavored hot tea
  30. Electric razor, pants(sz 20), Bra (sz 46DD)
  31. Case of pepsi, lotion
  32. Mens Cowboy boots(sz 8 ½ ), sweat pants (sz lg), toy ice skates
  33. Mens western coat(sz lg), warm gloves
  34. Mens thin pajama pants, pepsi
  35. Womens pajama set(sz lg), slippers(sz 8 ½ -9)
  36. Mens jeans(sz 31x31), cologne/aftershave
  37. Fuzzy socks, adult color book, chapstick
  38. Art canvases, paint
  39. Womens warm winter pants(sz 16), warm coat(sz lg)
  40. sweats(sz xl), shirts(sz xl)
  41. slippers(sz 13 mens), perfume
  42. mens winter boots(sz 10), dark chocolates
  43. mens sweats(sz xl), Dress shirt(sz xl)
  44. Russell stoffers sugar free candy, case of diet pepsi
  45. Womens sweater(sz xl), long gripper socks
  46. Nail kit, womens stretch waist pants(sz lg)
  47. Mens shirts(sz lg), pajama pants( sz lg)
  48. Womens pants elastic waist(sz med), blouses(sz lg)
  49. Womens socks(sz 7), womens vest
  50. Modeling clay, womens socks(sz 10)
  51. Womens slippers(sz 8), pants(sz xl)
  52. Womens pajamas(sz lg), slippers(sz 8)
  53. Womens scarf, slippers(sz 7w)
  54. Is an RN things to keep her busy “at work”
  55. Womens socks(sz 8), hard sole slippers(sz 9w)
  56. Night gowns(sz 3xl), long fuzzy socks(sz 8)
  57. Slipper socks(sz 5/6), warm shawl
  58. Pants(sz med), underwear (sz med), bras(sz 36a)
  59. Candy, mens slippers(sz 10/11)
  60. Mens coat(2xl), cologne, CD player, Carton of full flavored cigarettes, case of pepsi
  61. Chocolate haggen das ice cream, stocking cap
  62. Case of diet pepsi, chocolate chip cookies
  63. Puzzles, ice cream bars
  64. Bar J wranglers CD, rootbeer
  65. Sunglasses, outfit(sz 6/8 pants, sz med blouse)
  66. Thin washcloths, art supplies(not Crayola)
  67. Puzzles, warm throw blanket
  68. Womens coat(sz 2xl), pants(sz 2xl)
  69. Warm womens throw blanket, glove & scarf
  70. Warm mens throw blanket, chocolate
  71. Manly Throw blanket, candy
  72. Mens bath set, cologne
  73. Womens bath set, perfume
  74. Womens bath set, throw blanket
  75. Manly bath set, throw blanket