Witchy fun

The witchy chorus helped those in attendance by leading the songs. 

BLACKFOOT– "When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers 'tis near Halloween" this quote stirs the cauldron of imagination during Halloween. The trick or treaters are coming and businesses are gussying up their stores and storefronts to welcome this spooky holiday. The Witches Brew-ha-ha had a full gathering of witchy women enjoying the festivities that were provided by Kimmie Pharis and the Witch Happy committee. This event helped raise funds for the Bingham Crisis Center. 

The gathering began with a rousing welcome from the Blackfoot Coven "Grand Witch" who welcomed the group and explained what the afternoon would entail. She was then interrupted by the "protocol witch" who explained protocol during the coven gatherings. She led the group in a song to get everyone together, then read the witches' scroll. 

Food, desserts, and sponsors were provided by: Candy Jar, Homestead Family Restaurant, Kesler's Market, Martha's Cafe, Morning News, Ridley's, and Rupe's Burgers. The smells of the food permeated the front room and each table enjoyed the opportunity to sample the delectable dishes. The tables were beautifully designed. The entire event was fun, and many witches enjoyed the opportunity to dress up.

The witches who worked hard to make this event go off without a hitch were: Ginette Manwaring (grand witch), Kimmie Pharis, Jamie Freeman, Tonya Keppner, Alisa Carson, Ashlee Howell, Paul Loomis, Catherine Smith, Whitney Manwaring, Brenda Wilcox, Kristy Rust, Shirley Brumfield, Lisa Harrell, Daschell Chandler, and Janae Lawyer.

After eating the witches were treated to a spooky story called "The Horror at Hinklemeyer House" which delighted and thrilled those in attendance. After the story was done, the witches sang another rousing "round" to the tune of 'I Love the Mountains' with spooky new verses. 

After they finished singing, the witches made their way out to the hayride around Blackfoot. It was a delightful event for many in attendance and they hope to have a bigger event next Halloween. 

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