85-year-old, Katie Wray, cooks to amaze

Katie Wray crafts anything from bread, cinnamon rolls, and cookies to cakes and pies.  Wray says it takes something special to be a baker: "a lot of patience and a love for cooking."

She works locally at the Elite Retreat where some people come to the activity center just to eat what she makes. Others order cookies, brownies and paradise bars by the dozen and pick them up at the retreat on designated days.

Over the years, the 85-year-old has cooked for multitudes of people in an array of locations such as hotels, senior centers, sandwich shops, restaurants and much more.

"I love it. Some of my kids keep saying that I should quit because I'm getting old. I've told them that I'll let them know when I'm old!"

For more information, or to try her baked products, please contact the Elite Retreat at 208-357-3621