30 Years of Freedom

By Matt Rust


It’s been said that the gates of history turn on small hinges and that those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it…

This November marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The wire was pulled off the top, those gates were opened, and a flood of free families flowed from the east to the west seeking opportunity and prosperity.

 In my office I have a few small items from history which serve to remind me of large lessons. One of these is a piece of that infamous wall which separated the east from the west, dividing the line between Oppression and Opportunity for 28 long years. That was not the first time a people were oppressed, and it wasn’t to be the last. Among the other items I keep are various pieces of Venezuela’s now “valueless” currency. While that piece of the Berlin Wall is certainly not worthless, I cannot put a price on it either. I can only say that to me, it is a very valuable piece of painted concrete. And those Venezuelan bills won’t buy you a cup of coffee these days, but they also are very valuable to me. History contains valuable lessons for those of us interested in learning.

“There is nothing new under heaven” and what happened in Germany, and what has been happening in Venezuela over the last 30 years is not new. Indeed if people would pay attention we would see that the “writing on the wall” was telling us exactly what would happen there and in many other places since.

Normally I would continue to compare and contrast the efficiency, or lack thereof, of systems and policies employed by central planners which have plagued many countries throughout history, but this time just I want to invite you to come and hear from one who was there.

On Thursday the 5th of December, at 6:00 pm, Tailwind Wealth Strategies will be hosting local resident, Hanellore Janke. Born a free German, she lived her childhood under Nazi Germany and spent her youth under the rule of Communist Russia after the end of WWII. Even though she won’t be sharing lessons on Communism, Socialism, or failed Economics, the lessons are definitely there in her stories of living under those conditions. She’s pleased to share with the community the stories from her early life, and of how she eventually found her way to a better life. If you have an interest in European history affected by WWII, or simply want to sit in gratitude regarding the many blessings we have, please join us for this memorable event. Very seldom do we have the opportunity to hear from someone who was so close to events that shaped the lives of so many. Come get an idea of what life is like as those huge gates move on those very small hinges…