Bingham County Youth Court is designed to help juveniles

Working with youth court are (from left) Sherrilynn Bair, Community Liaison; Shawn Hill, Director of Probation Services for misdemeanors and juvenile; and Linda Bigler, Youth Court Coordinator.
Staff Writer

In October, Bingham County Prosecutor Cleve Colson announced that three juveniles at Snake River High School were involved in committing acts of bullying and battery against another juvenile. The incident took place on August.
The cases were assigned to youth court. An explanation of Youth Court follows:
The Bingham County Youth Court is designed to help juvenile offenders choose not to continue criminal activity. In the youth court system, offenders are called participants. The county prosecuting attorney or, sometimes a judge, recommend these cases be heard by the six-person panel of judges in Youth Court.
Shawn HIll, Bingham County Director of Probation Services of misdemeanors and juvenile, said, "In 2007, I submitted a proposal to the Idaho Supreme Court to fund a youth court in Bingham County. Youth courts are used in Idaho and throughout the nation."
In Bingham County, Youth Court meets once each month, sometimes more. Youth Court is a diversion court. It diverts juveniles from adult court.
"The types of cases that are heard by youth court are minor consumption (alcohol) and tobacco diversion, possession (marijuana), possession of paraphernalia, battery, theft, truancy, runaways and curfews," Hill said.
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