No one at home during smoke fire on S. Fisher Ave.

Heading in. Blackfoot fire fighters head into the home at 655 S. Fisher on Friday afternoon. A Blackfoot fireman hauls hoses from the back of the house at 655 S. Fisher on Friday afternoon. Heading into the home on S. Fisher Ave. at Blackfoot firefighters. Waiting to go in to make certain the smoke is cleared. The windows were taken out to let the smoke out of the house on S. Fisher Ave. on Friday.
Staff Writer

Blackfoot firefighters and Blackfoot police responded to a fire call about 2 p.m. on Friday at 655 S. Fisher Ave. in Blackfoot.
Lt. Scott Tweedy reported, after speaking with the resident of the home, that the man has been living in the home without power and gas for some time.
"He was trying to start a fire in the fireplace," Tweedy said. "He couldn't get a fire started so he went into the car to get warm. The fire smoldered in the fireplace before catching fire."
He continued, "The fire was contained in the living room; there is smoke damage throughout the home. We took out the windows for ventilation."
Two fire trucks, an ambulance and seven fire fighters responded to this fire call. The firefighters had wrapped up their hoses and were leaving the scene about 4:30 p.m.
Blackfoot Fire Department Fire Marshall Ben Hirschi was expected on scene to inspect the cause of the fire.