ADA public meeting on Wednesday

Henry Henschied tried out the new voting machine, called ExpressVote, in the County's Election Office ahead of the November election.
Staff Writer

Bingham County is working to update the programs and buildings affected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A public meeting will take place at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 29, in Bingham County Courtroom number one. The public is encouraged to attend to give input about ADA.
David Lane, the County's Human Resource Officer, has been appointed by Bingham County Commissioners as the ADA Coordinator.
Lane said, "Where the county is right now (with ADA compliance) is obsolete. "We want public input; we want the public involved."
Henry Henschied is helping Lane organize this forum. He uses a wheelchair because of a physical disability.
"It's going to be an open forum; we want the public's input," he said. "We are asking folks with different disabilities to give input. The goal is established a connection between individuals and the county administration to find how people are accessing and utilizing county services."
"The needs of people with a disability are often misunderstood; they are unconsciously overlooked," Henschied said. "The county wants to make certain it does not occur in the future. The county continues to act with people in disability in good faith."
Henschied added, "ADA is not just about ramps and elevators. ADA is making a connection with real people. There are approximately 65,000 people who live in Bingham County; 15 percent of those people have some kind of impairment. That's about 10,000 people."